Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Class Cake!

My first Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Class cake!
I am so excited to share the results of my first Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Class! On Monday night, I attended the second session of the Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Class that I am currently taking. After receiving much instruction in the first class, I arrived at the second class prepared to create my first completely decorated cake with an array of new decorating tools, two consistencies of homemade Wilton buttercream frosting (thin for frosting the cake and medium for icing the design), and a freshly baked classic yellow cake!

I got to work right away, as the class is only two hours long and I hoped to avoid being rushed at the end. To my dismay, I missed the memo on bringing pre-colored frosting to class for the design I planned to use, and so while some of my other classmates saved decorating class-time by doing this in advance, I had to spend extra time prepping my materials. Luckily, I was able to complete my decorating once I returned home after class and I was content with how my first attempt came out!

I love that Wilton provides you with a detailed mini text book for class that maps out each session step-by-step. Decorating your first cake can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect and you don't have anything to reference, but the book helps to avoid all that! Lesson #2 covered everything from torting and leveling a cake, to filling and frosting a cake, to a variety of icing methods and techniques, to piping gel design transfers, and much more! After Monday's class, I feel totally confident that I could create another great cake for any occasion! I am really looking forward to our next class where we will tackle cupcakes and cupcake decorating! I would absolutely love to go on to complete Wilton's second and third courses that provide instruction on frosting flowers and mastering fondant! Someday, for sure.

I have been preserving my first cake in the fridge all week waiting to share it with my family over the holiday weekend, so hopefully it will taste as good as it looks! I have to admit, I tasted a few bites of the top of the cake that I leveled off with a bit of my homemade frosting, and I found myself reaching for seconds!

So, I would consider this first cake attempt to be a success! As a new cake decorator, here are some of my tips for those of you who are just starting out, as well (or considering it!):
- Take your time! A class setting can be intimidating as everyone goes at a different pace and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Don't allow the pace of the group deter you from taking the time you need to learn and create your best work!
- Frosting a cake is harder than it looks. Crumbs can creep in without a moment's notice and it takes some serious patience and a steady hand to keep them at bay. The secret is to use a lot of frosting so your spatula never touches the cake, and of course, practice, practice, PRACTICE!
- Color your frosting in advance. Enough said. It saves time, and the icing darkens over time, so doing it in advance will help you get a better feel for the true color you will be using on your cake.
- Don't take yourself too seriously. It is just a cake, after all. It should be fun and remember, you are new at this. Cake Boss wasn't a "boss" over night. It takes time, but if you stick with it (like anything), you are bound to see improvements!

Happy Baking! :)

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