Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The "No Extras" Foodie Rehab Diet

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Alright foodies, it's time to get real. In all of your fantastic foodie adventures, have you ever started to feel just the slightest bit burnt out? Like, that exquisite chocolate doesn't seem so exquisite anymore because you are having it all the time? Or, that high-end wine just doesn't seem so intriguingly dynamic because you're feeling guilty about the calories? I found myself feeling a little less than inspired lately and decided it was time for a change. Don't get me wrong! I'm still as passionate about food as ever, but I decided to try something new this month, and I'm really psyched about it! 

With many exciting foodie events planned in the month of May, I've decided to embrace a "no extras" diet in my day-to-day life that will lead me to dwindle down both my daily caloric intake and monthly food budget for the next 31 days. I know this month-long commitment will have tons of benefits including: leading an even healthier lifestyle, saving money and dialing up the excitement level surrounding my awesome events this month, since they'll really be something to look forward to!

So, my pared-down meal plan this month is sounding a little something like this:
  • Low-fat oatmeal with skim milk and fresh berries for breakfast
  • Spinach salad with roast turkey, grape tomatoes and almonds for lunch
  • Greek yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack
  • Baked chicken with assorted veggies for dinner
  • Tons of water!
I'm also kicking up my exercise routine a notch, which started with last night's kick-butt kickboxing class!

So, foodies, don't leave me hanging here. If you've ever felt you needed to shake up your daily nourishment routine to breathe some spice back into your foodie escapades, let me know in the comments below. I'm hoping to find enough fun alternative recipes that fit this meal plan to continue these habits long-term, so if you have any tips, feel free to shout 'em out! I'd love to hear your secrets to staying healthy and still enjoying the most delicious of foods in life, as well! Stay tuned on my Twitter account for daily updates and Instagram photos of what the "No Extras" Foodie Rehab Diet is really looking like! With enough creativity, I think this could turn into the Foodie Survival Lifestyle!


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